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MAS Card Access Control Systems

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افزودن به علاقمندیها
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((Function and common use))

MAS Card Access Control Systems advisable for family security and common use RF cards used instead of a key, providing easier and securer access. A single card can be registered for multi-card readers and providing no need of carrying another card to have multi-door access.

((Technical features))

Secured card access system

All RF cards can be registered and used by Admin card. RF card sample: credit card, token

RF Card Reader may register up to 2560 cards

RF card registration is done by admin cards on the RF card reader

Lighted and beeping friendly notice system

Technical parameters:

Operating voltage: 220V

Reading range: 0 – ۱۰cm

Registering capacity: 2560 cards

Electrical lock driver: 10A – ۵۰ V / 5A – ۲۵۰V

Voice messages: Different beep sounds to direct user

Relay output: Relay outputs

Programming the Device: use admin card to program and erase the device

Operating Temperature: -15 / 60

Installation: Does not require installation equipments

((Features of devices with screen))

Screen: Color LCD screen

Pin Pad: 15 pins


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