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Fire detection systems


addressable fire systems EXCELLENT series

افزودن به علاقمندیها
افزودن به علاقمندیها
شناسه محصول: EX-CP1L دسته:
  • digital / addressable EXCELLENT fire systems, with 1 loop, 127 points and 63 geographical independent zones
  • ۲ at 16-bit CPU with mutual supervision
  • ۴ points-addressing modes (installation, activation, serial number and pre-set address) by control panel and hand-held programmer (EX-PR)
  • ۱۲۸×۶۴ pixels graphic display with backlight
  • keyboard for programming
  • non-volatile memory with up 999 events (data, time, event type)
  • ۱ USB connection
  • predisposition for 1 opto-isolated RS-485 for network connection
  • predisposition for 1 opto-isolated RS232 or USB output for smoke detectors maintenance
  • ۱ PS/2 input for fast and easy programming using an external PC-keyboard
  • ۱ supervised alarm output at 315mA
  • ۱ supervised false output at 315mA
  • ۲ relays output with 3 contacts (C, NC, NO)
  • ۴ Open Collector outputs at 120mA
  • ۱ fixed-voltage 24Vdc output at 315mA
  • software of configuration and supervision in the FDPnet network (graphical maps license not included: refer to EXSGR and EX-SGRMAP) using RS-485, Ethernet or mixed-mode network
  • up to 64 network addresses (control panels and repeater panels) for management up to 30.000 addressable points
  • metal enclosure
  • ۲ batteries at 12Vdc/7Ah (not included)
  • size 327 x 445 x 85mm
  • EN54-2, EN54-4 CPD
ابعاد 32.7 x 8.5 x 44.5 cm


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