Best Alarm Security Co. gives services to esteemed customers as consultant, designer, installer, manufacturer and distributor of safety, security, surveillance and protection systems. This company is working on vast range of systems based on experience of expert and professional engineering team as follows:

 Audio systems 13 Fire alarm systems 1
 Gas alert devices 14  Fire extinguishing systems 2
 Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 15  Closed circuit televisions (CCTVs) 3
 Active lightning protection systems 16  Burglar alarm systems 4
 Fire resist cables 17  Distributed antenna systems (DAS) 5
 Automated glass and revolving doors 18 Smart home   6
 Automatic road blockers 19  Smart parking 7
 Video door phones 20 Access control systems  8
 Metal detectors and airport security gates 21  Digital door locks 9
 Automated fare collection gates (AFC gates) 22  Digital peephole viewers 10
 RF security gates 23  Network 11
 Clean and fire resist doors 24 Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS)  12

*    Installment team of Best Alarm Security Co. has high skilled engineers whom are familiar with international standards. They will be trained periodically to be up-to-date to the latest achievements in technology. Our engineering team has done hundreds of national-governmental projects and thousands of non-governmental projects.

*    Expert engineering team of Best Alarm Security Co. is consultant and designer of giant industrial and national projects based on international standards. These high experienced engineers utilize the most modern systems to design the project which will be offered to the customer.

*      Best Alarm Security Co. is responsible for supplying high quality and standard products and systems. That is the reason why the company provides the best products from valid companies easily with the lowest price and valid guarantee.

*     Responsive and reliable support center causes the satisfaction of customers. So, our support center staffs do their best to improve the quality of services and speak kindly to customers. Satisfaction of customers is one of our golden keys to remain well-known among the bests and improve our ranking

*     The evaluation team evaluate the quality of installment team. They must ensure that the installed system passes the standard verification tests successfully.

*       Best Alarm Security Co. has the most experienced and well-educated engineers to decide, determine the requirements of customers, give consultative services, minimize the expenses of project and give the best offer for final decision to customers.

*    All personnel of our customer will be trained to learn how to work with the installed system. In addition, this company is one of the firsts which train new engineers to work on this field of study in educational courses and seminars.


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